Snapshot Find: After attending a full day bodhi meditation at a centre of approximately a hundred people, I found amazing beautiful sri yantras mounted on the back wall! Such a beauty to see the years of experience, skill, and dedication shared in a sacred piece of work. 

My apologies all for the delay in posts! Adjusting to new job and new connections so I’m getting back on track to expand this community!

Project: Chapter Covers for Universal Conscious Self Book

This chapter cover belongs to the topic on Awareness. All chapter covers were originally created in black and white but I decided to do another version and see how it looked like with a splash of color. These forms are a mix of mandalas and sacred geometry.

*Illustration copyrighted under Cheryl Ticne

Sketching Session: Drawing A Perfect Pentagon With 3 Circles

For those who prefer pencil to paper, there is a way to draw a pentagon. I love the idea how magic can come out of 3 simple circles. Now imagine drawing a myriad of pentagons and coloring it to whatever suits our fancy. All angled degrees sum up  to 9 along with some notes on how the earth, sun, and moon’s diameter also add up to 9. (Not so much a coincidence, don’t you think?)

This was done at a past workshop with Ari, an awesome teacher. If you’re in the Vancouver, BC area, check out his upcoming workshops and among other fascinating things: The Traveling Alchemists.

Snapshot Find: Mural Art inside Origins Parkour Facility

What sacred geometry shapes do you see? On the way to drop off my nephew to his parkour lesson, I immediately stumbled across the left side of the gym and its vast art work from floor to ceiling. Then it struck my amazement that the flower of life and merkaba happened to be painted into this masterpiece. For someone to incorporate that into their work, thumbs up :)

Gift Find: The Gem Star Merkaba Suncatcher/Pendulum 

This star tetrahedron makes a great gift for any occasion. I remember buying one for a friend who loves the merkaba. When the gift arrived, I haven’t noticed a tag attached to it saying the piece was activated in Sedona, Arizona. That’s even more amazing cos not only does it share light to others but it carries a special energy vortexes from that place. Great for meditations. 

Visual Meditation: Raise Your Vibrational Frequency To Higher Consciousness Video

A short open-eyed meditation video where one meditates on harmonious visual forms such as sacred geometry. This one in particular focuses on raising your vibrational frequencies. Many of the common sacred geometric forms in this video are being used to aid the process. As of now, more than  1 million viewers witnessed its awesomeness. Something seems to be working!

What visual meditations on sacred geometry have helped you?

Project: Chapter Covers for Universal Conscious Self Book

A sacred geometric pattern I designed for our newly published book: Universal Conscious Self written by Teza Zialcita and published by Balboa Press. This is one of the four patterns for the book serving its purpose to provide visual healing beyond its aesthetic value.

For the 2013 Body Soul Spirit Expo event in Vancouver, each pattern was extracted from the book and printed into mini cards along with a single word affirmation to amplify its meaning. For this image, the word “awakening” was extracted from one of the words derived from the book’s first chapter title. This was to promote the book (still in process of delivery) as a way to prepare potential readers for its arrival. 

*Illustration copyrighted under Cheryl Ticne